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Robert's ShoesTuscany Style

Robert's Shoes
Tuscany Style

The history of shoemaking Micheli family begins after the war, during the birth of Monsummano Terme pole shoe. Novaro and Mary, the parents of Roberto Micheli, young, begin to work in the nascent shoe factories in the area. Over the years covering every role within the manual conveyor, and in so doing to acquire skills in all phases of the construction of the shoe; This will allow him to assume leadership positions within the manufacturing chain.

The road to self-employment in the field is now ready and the opportunity presents itself when the shoe factory where the work needs a subcontractor account that produces uppers. The new small family company grows rapidly, thanks to a period of general expansion and economic prosperity. Inside find work many employees and, of course, the young son Roberto.

So Roberto learn and know, first hand, all stages of the preparation of the upper. But his wealth of experience and knowledge in the field is enhanced further. Roberto has a great desire to learn and know, so follow while working with his parents, a course from model maker. Moreover, thanks to some knowledge, can assist, in other shoe factories in the area, all the various stages of production of the shoe, thus learning to master all stages of the construction of the shoe, from model design through to its completion. Over the years, the visits of the nearby tanneries in Santa Croce, allow Roberto to acquire a comprehensive knowledge in the field of raw skins, processed and finishes the same.

The goal of Roberto becomes therefore to produce a day a shoe in its completeness. And so, the family Tomaificio turns into a small shoe factory. Initially, the production is entirely devoted to other brands, some well known and famous. lines and models of the collections are made of these brands, and distribution takes place at points of sale of the trademarks. Only a small part of the production with their own models for the customers in the area. But the aspiration is to be able to sell their collections under the brand of shoe.

The turning point in this direction, is the encounter with the current business manager. This is how the first collections of the shoe that are sold under its own brand. Work as a contractor account was decreased, so the meeting with a seller looking for a shoe craftsman, Tuscan, that would work hand-yet the shoe, he had the will and the strength to face a market in crisis and full of competitors both Italian and foreign, it is the opportunity to give the shoe an opportunity to take a new road.

The major investment made for lines and models, research as much as possible to maintain a still a lot of manual work 'as it was once' and the various processing stages remain, almost entirely, in Tuscany are the weapons that brought the shoe factory to face the difficulties arising from the crisis and competition in both the Italian market and in the foreign countries. The choice of the Made in Italy and a handicraft workmanship is currently rewarding for both the Italian market, which for the European, American and Asian.